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7th July 2016 – Cleanliness Found to be Key to Attracting Top Talent

A recent survey commissioned by Janitorial International, a New York and New Jersey based cleaning and facilities management company found that 84% of participants said that the cleanliness of a prospective employers office would factor into their decision to accept a job offer.  When asked if they were happy with the cleanliness of their current work space only 62% answered yes.

One participant of the survey explained how she would ask to see the kitchen, breakrooms and bathrooms at the end of an interview before deciding to consider an offer.  Another participant to the survey said that they assume that if an office appears dirty or disorganized he has to assume this is part of the companies’ culture and therefore he would suspect that clients and employees are treated in a disorganized way.

We live in a time where companies spend large amounts of working capital on upgrading facilities to attract and maintain top talent.  Business leaders prioritize investments to ensure that their visiting clients and employees are comfortable and receive a great first impression but yet only 62% of participants surveyed said that they were happy with the cleanliness of their work environment.

A senior executive of a New Jersey based company that participated in the survey who asked to remain anonymous said “In my business management are happy to spend thousands of dollars a year on maintaining fun breakrooms, cafeterias and outdoor recreational space for its employees but there is very little appetite to make the necessary investments to keep them clean.”

So, if you want to attract top talent and make a good impression to new hires then it’s imperative that you invest in the right cleaning service.