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Medical and Spa Cleaning

We provide our healthcare, medical and spa cleaning clients with staff that are specifically trained to clean your medical, spa or treatment facilities.


Janitors and Cleaners

All our Janitors and cleaners undergo training at our Janitorial International University where they must pass a series of tests prior to working at the site of a client.  In addition, all our janitors and cleaners carry the Janitorial International phone application so that we can ensure that they will arrive at your office on time.  Through the phone app, they will be able to receive special medical and spa cleaning instructions that you may have sent and a current work-order form that they must complete, this way we can ensure that nothing is missed and that we can adequately manage any type of cleaning schedule.

Through the phone app, our cleaners and janitors will be able to receive special instructions from you in addition to a current work-order form that they must complete.  By doing so we can ensure that nothing is missed and that we can adequately manage any type of cleaning schedule.



Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment

We work with organic and green-cleaning products (where possible) designed for medical facilities and can also provide you with the necessary refills and containers to dispose of sharps in accordance with EPA guidelines.  We provide our clients with all cleaning equipment and supplies where necessary.

Medical and Spa Cleaning Typical Services

• Sanitize Furniture and Fittings
• Full Treatment Room Cleaning
• Office and Waiting Room Cleaning
• Trash Removal
• Restroom Cleaning and Supplies
• Daily and Nightly Vacuuming
• Spot Cleaning
• Dry, Steam and Foam Shampooing
• Marble Floor Polishing

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