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Become a Sales Partner

Welcome to the Janitorial International Sales Partner Progam.  If accepted into the program you will be able to sell Janitorial International services and receive a revenue split on all contracts sold.

“Work the hours you choose and you could earn over $78,000 a year in reseller fees”

If you’re a self-starter, motivated, personable and can use a computer and phone then you can sell cleaning services and we pay a revenue split of 10% on every contract you sell.

What is a Sales Partner? 

As a sales partner, you will make appointments for our estimators to visit a potential client and put together a proposal.  The proposal will include an annual cleaning contract, should the client sign and return the contract you will receive a 10% revenue split on the value of the contract at the point Janitorial International collects the money.

As a Sales Partner, What do I do? 

As a sales partner, you will set up meetings between buyers of commercial cleaning services and a Janitorial International estimator.  You can do this from the comfort of your own home, all you really need is the internet and a phone.

The majority of commercial cleaning buyers are office and store managers, you would research these people and companies, call them up and arrange for them to meet with our estimators.

How do I Make Money as a Sales Partner? 

Sales Partners are paid a split of the revenue, 10% of revenue collected by Janitorial International from a contract that came as a result of an appointment that was made by you, will be paid to you, within 30 days of Janitorial International collecting the money.

What do Sales Partners Make? 

A typical commercial cleaning contract for an office or store would have a revenue value of $15,000 per year.  In this case, your share of the revenue (10%) would amount to $1,500. If we close one client a week that you originated at this average value you would make a total of $78,000 in fees.  No case is typical and ultimately what you will make will be down to how many meetings you make for our estimators.

How to Become a Sales Partner? 

No college degree or prior experience needed.  However, we only work with a limited number of resellers in each area so if you are interested in working with Janitorial International please fill out the simple form today and we will contact you within 7 days to set up a phone call to explain in more detail how the program works and how you can enroll.

  • If so please explain, if not please answer 'no'.


Please note that this is not a job or job offer, this program is a revenue split based partner program and is available in NJ.  If we don’t schedule an interview within 30 days please assume the program is full at this time.