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Shopping Mall Cleaning

Consumers are attracted to clean spaces and therefore will be more comfortable spending time in them.  To this extent, Janitorial International takes our role in the success of your shopping mall extremely seriously.  Our shopping mall cleaning and janitorial team will provide your with, full housekeeping and cleaning services for – restrooms, storefronts, kitchens, administrative offices and parking garages.  Our daily cleaning plans include:

We can also create a deep cleaning and maintenance schedule for your mall that includes floor refinishing, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, snow removal and landscape maintenance.

Janitors and Cleaners

All our Janitors and cleaners undergo training at our Janitorial International University where they must pass a series of tests prior to working at the site of a client.   All our janitors and cleaners carry the Janitorial International phone application so that we can ensure that they will arrive at your office on time.  Through the phone app, they will be able to receive special instructions from you and a current work-order form that they must complete each time they clean. For large malls, we always have an onsite team lead and quality manager that is constantly managing the cleaning staff and inspecting their quality of work.

Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment

Janitorial International always uses green non-toxic chemicals where possible unless our clients have an alternate preference.  Shopping Malls typically require sophisticated equipment such as ride on floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, and buffers which can all be provided as part of our overall service.

Our typical daily shopping mall cleaning plans include:

 Vacuuming
 Dusting and wiping
 Sweeping and mopping
 Buffing and polishing
 Trash collection

Our typical deep cleaning plans include:

 Low moisture carpet extraction
 Deep scrubbing of floors
 Floor surface stripping
 Waxing/sealing of floors
 Furniture movement to clean perimeters
 Exterior pressure washing

Our shopping mall cleaning consultants will work with you to map out every surface in your property to create deep cleaning plans and keep your carpets, marble, travertine, wood or tile floors immaculate.

We would love the opportunity to visit your site to give you an accurate no obligation shopping mall cleaning proposal.  In order to book a site visit please complete the below form, we can usually attend site visits within 5 hours of you filling out the form if an urgent quote is required:

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